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Marketer/Novelist Donna Fontenot Legitimacy Enigma

Donna Fontenot

Donna D. Fontenot is an Internet marketer… and a striving novelist. That mixture of trades can yield quite a lethal concoction, if a one choose the path of the sinister. The Internet Marketing fraud subculture thrives from the creative scammers…

Fear and Loathing in Penguin ScamLand

Penguin Scam

Dancing over people’s angst and despair has always been fertile meadow for the unscrupulous. And when these kind of extreme negative emotions erupts broadly, the overall misery becomes paradise for the parasites. The ones who are most susceptible are the…

The Pig That Sells Penguin Illusions

Sean Donahoe Is a Pig

Sometimes the web is just a sad gloomy place for the simple hard-working site owner. Getting hit from some animalistic search algorithm update after long-time diligent efforts to make the best site as possible always hurts. Negative emotions arise and…