How to Use a Fog Machine to Disinfect Your Home or Office

Bacteria are fascinating. 

Some can multiply every 20 minutes as long as the conditions (temperature, nutrients, etc.) are ideal. You might also know that not all bacteria are harmful. Your body, for one, is host to trillions of microorganisms, some harmless and some that can make you sick.

These pathogens could also be lurking in your home or office. That’s why if you’re considering disinfection using a fog machine, you may wonder if it truly works and how to use it.

Read on to learn more about foggers, plus some tips on operating one.

First Things First: What Is Fog Disinfection?

As its name implies, fog disinfection sanitizes an area using a fogging machine. 

Now, there are different fogging machine types–from portable or static to automatic, manual, etc. Some units are attached directly to a drum containing insecticide or other chemical fogging solution to disinfect larger facilities. 

Fogging machines are used in various industries, including agriculture, food processing, medical, and greenhouses. Individuals may also opt to buy a portable disinfection device to keep their homes and offices germ-free.

Tips on Using a Fog Machine

You must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations whether you’re using a dry fog disinfection machine, a ULV (ultra-low volume) fogger, or a thermal fogging device. That includes not exceeding the amount of fog juice to fill the machine.

If you put too much fog liquid, it may cause throat and respiratory issues in some people. It’s also not good to place a fogging machine next to an ignition source. These devices can get very hot, so remember not to put them near electrical outlets, open flames, etc.

Before starting your fog machine, cover furniture, food items, and other objects; you don’t want these to be coated in fogging solution. It would also be best to wear protective gear. 

When you’re ready to fog, set your machine so that the fogging fluid comes out in a fine mist. Don’t forget to spray all surfaces, including desks, drawers, and cupboards.

Some Notes to Keep in Mind

If you’re wondering if you can use water in your fogging machine, the answer is “it depends.” Mineral water can damage your equipment since it may contain impurities.

However, deionized water is fine. After all, fogging solutions are usually made up of deionized water, glycols, and glycerine. 

You also have to choose your fog fluid well. While most won’t damage your carpets, low-quality ones can seep into some surfaces. The same applies to electronics, which could end up coated in a thin layer of fogging solution. 

That said, always use fogging fluid for indoor use. 

Are You Ready to Fog Your Home or Office?

Your fog machine doesn’t have to be intimidating to use. You should be good as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the tips listed here.

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