Operating a Business From Home: Essential Tips When Using an iPad for Business

Not sure what to do with your new iPad?

The specifications of an iPad can be like that of a laptop computer. However, applications and specific usage for each can be different.

Gadget and app-specific touch gestures can be too mind-boggling. You’ll end up wasting time trying to access a specific feature when a simple swipe will do the trick.

Using an iPad for business is becoming a norm these days and it is one of Apple’s best selling products. Choosing the right productivity apps for your device will make it a powerhouse. Equipped with proper accessories, your work will be more efficient.

We’ve shortlisted some crucial ways to boost your productivity with an iPad. Let’s get started.

Load It With Productivity Apps

There are many apps available on the App Store that you can install on your iPad. Unfortunately, these can include distracting apps like games.

Since your primary goal of using this device is to help you with your business, you need to set your priorities. Apps that will help you with your tasks take precedence. Here are some of the best iPad apps for business purposes:

  • Microsoft Office Mobile Apps·
  • OneDrive
  • Slack

Choose an app that’s easy to use. Apps accessible from any device and operating system are a big plus. Switching from your desktop to your iPad and vice versa will be proficient.

Accessorize the Right Way

Stylus pens and keyboards are accessories that make your iPad a business device. These add-ons make using your device more intuitive.

An on-screen keyboard can become uncomfortable after using it for hours. It can cause health problems because it’s not ergonomic.

On the same note, you need accessories that are comfortable to use. You don’t have to force yourself to use the stock keyboard that came with the device.

Daily use of your iPad in demanding business processes can take a toll on its batteries. Therefore, you’ll also need to consider any future battery replacement.

Know the Shortcuts

Knowing essential hotkeys and gestures can help you work faster. You’ll be switching between apps like when working on a desktop computer.

For example, the fastest way to get to the Home Screen is to tap Command-H on your keyboard. If you prefer to use gestures, you can swipe the white bar up from the bottom of your screen.

You can swipe either left or right using four or five fingers to switch between running apps. You can also open an app by swiping up from the screen’s bottom edge and pause. It will reveal the Dock to choose the app you want to use.

Small images can also be challenging to the eyes. Knowing how to zoom in with a simple gesture is helpful.

Learn More Ways to Use an iPad for Business

The methods you’ve read are only the tip of the iceberg. There are more ways to boost your productivity with an iPad.

If you want to know more tips and techniques, be sure to check the rest of our site.