The Pig That Sells Penguin Illusions

Sean Donahoe Is a Pig

Sometimes the web is just a sad gloomy place for the simple hard-working site owner. Getting hit from some animalistic search algorithm update after long-time diligent efforts to make the best site as possible always hurts. Negative emotions arise and begin to take over. Frustration. Guilt. Even depression.

The situation gets worse when the person’s livelihood is at stake and he/she has a family to provide.

But that’s not even the most melancholic part. What’s really saddening is that there are some assholes who are actually ABUSING those people’s vulnerability to deceitfully take what’s remain of their evaporating money. You see, People in despair are just better targets for the psycho-turds. Psycho-turds like this slimy fuck:

The “Internet Marketing expert” Sean Donahoe has a “Top Secret” solution for all your rankings problems: …(pause for super-dramatic effect)… …{take a long deep breath}… …[the tension is so unbearable]… A WordPress plugin that will build links for your website in AUTO-PILOT!!!!! Buy it TODAY!!!

How anyone hasn’t thought about it BEFORE? The solution for a relentless algorithm which targets sites with many unnatural links is… to build more unnatural links! Wow, we were so stupid until now! The cure is actually… the illness! That’s just the difference between a superior mind of a marketing guru and a plain one like ours…

(nausea) >>> {vomit}

Okay, sorry for that… Let’s clear out some things: LOKI Link Builder is a scam! LOKI Link Builder is a fraud! Sean Donahoe is not an “Internet Marketing Guru”! Sean Donahoe is a pig in disguise of a human which looks like a pig! He doesn’t know anything about search, rankings, Google or Penguin (except of eating them)!

Unfortunately, fake expert piggy Donahoe isn’t the only scumbag in town. there are many more fucking douchebags like him that misleading and scamming desperate site owners which were hit by the Penguin update. The conman will promise a quick recovery, tons of traffic, a lot of money and more bullshit stuff to hawk those in distress. those who want so desperately to believe that what sound too good to be true, is actually true.