Microsoft Is Trashing Google With Giant Ads In Major Newspapers

Microsoft Vs GoogleI was wondering how can it be that Google’s biggest rival, Microsoft, isn’t joining the anti-Google wave that washed the web lately, since the launch of Search Plus Your World and afterwards the new combined privacy policy. But now, Microsoft is entering the trashing arena in full gas…

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has decided to use the print media as the platform to besmirch Google recent moves- In today’s most distributed newspaper brands (New York Times, Wall Street Journal and more) Microsoft has published giant ads where it is basically accusing Google for only thinking about the money and not the users.

I can only assume that Microsoft chose the print media for this trashing campaign to “disconnect” in some way from the online arena where all Google’s activity takes place and to create a more objective sense for the ads (i can’t say I’m persuaded). Anyway, Here is the ad (click on it to enlarge):

Microsoft Ad Trashing Google

The giant headline of the ad says “Putting people first.” strongly suggesting that while Microsoft is thinking first about the people, Google isn’t. Microsoft’s ad continue with describing that Google is making changes that only raises the worth of the user to ADVERTISERS and not really improves their experience and the products quality.

“Every data point Google collects and and connects to you increases how valuable you are to an advertiser.”

Microsoft tries to clarify that businesses have to find the right balance between commercialism and the users own needs, but Google has lost that balance and it is now leaning towards the business own commercial interests. It is also saying that this is the reason why people are concerned, which is probably true in a way.

But the ad also stating that people are looking for alternatives, which so far i haven’t found any proof that reflects in search engine market share (Google search engine keeps a steady share), in web browser market share (Google Chrome share only increasing its popularity) and surely not in online video rankings (YouTube dominate it completely and only gaining).

“Every business finds its own balance and attracts users who share those priorities. Google’s new changes have upset that balance with user priorities being de-prioritized. That’s why people are concerned and looking for alternatives.”

Microsoft is ending the ad with “suggestions” of using four of Microsoft’s products instead of Google’s and in each one it doesn’t miss the opportunity to sting Google a little more:

  • Hotmail- “(People) not worrying about the content of their private emails being used to serve ads”. Google using the email contents to target more personal ads.
  • Bing- “Great experiences using the whole web”. Hinting that Google only using Google+.
  • Office- “For businesses who don’t want their documents and mail used to benefit advertisers”. Again, using contents to target more personal ads.
  • Internet Explorer- “Offering controls over your privacy as you browse”. Hinting that Google Chrome doesn’t provide private browsing.

Although i think that there is some truth in Microsoft’s ad, i can’t say that Microsoft is convincing me that it is really thinking about the people and not just exploiting the situation to promote its own products over Google’s. Sometimes, the best thing is to simply hold still and let nature take its course.