Web Browsers Market Share Overview (January 2012)

After i reported earlier today about Google’s paid links campaign for Chrome story, i thought it would be a good idea for a recent overview on the web browsers market share. In order to receive the best clear view on the industry as possible, i examined data from four different analysis sources online.

StatCounter (January 2012)

The data from StatCounter indicates that while Internet Explorer is gradually declining and losing market share since the beginning of 2011, Google Chrome surpassed Firefox already somewhere in October and became the second most popular web browser in the world. It is also worth mentioning that Safari went up from 5% at the early 2011 to nearly 7% at January 2012.

  1. IE- 37.88%
  2. Chrome- 27.47%
  3. Firefox- 24.88%
  4. Safari- 6.89%
  5. Opera- 1.99%

StatCounter Browser Market Share

NetMarketShare (December 2011)

The statistics from NetMarketShare are showing similar trends to StatCounter but with different numbers- IE is losing lots of market share (but still holds more than 50%), Firefox also loses (less than IE) and Chrome is climbing. However here, Firefox still ranks above Chrome with a slight gap.

  1. IE- 51.87%
  2. Firefox- 21.83%
  3. Chrome- 19.11%
  4. Safari- 4.97%
  5. Opera- 1.66%

NetMarketShare Browser Market Share

Clicky (January 2012)

Clicky’s stats are pointing out that the browsers market share trends have more or less holding still since October where IE stabilized on the 40% line and Firefox and Chrome are holding almost the exact same market share. Pay attention that i didn’t counted the last day as it showing a deviation.

  1. IE- 40.19%
  2. Chrome- 24.5%
  3. Firefox- 24.34%
  4. Safari- 9.75%
  5. Opera- 1.15%

Clicky Browser Market Share

StatOwl (October 2011)

Although the statistics are a little outdated (relevant for October 2011) i decided to bring another source for one more point-of-view. The most obvious trend here, is that unlike all other reports, Firefox is holding steady since the beginning of 2011 and even got slightly stronger.

  1. IE- 52.59%
  2. Firefox- 20.06%
  3. Chrome- 15.01%
  4. Safari- 11.13%
  5. Opera- 0.36%

StatOwl Browser Market Share