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Nothing Wrong with Guest Blogging (as Long as…)

Guest Blog Sign

Publishing an article by a guest author hadn’t been invented by bloggers. It has subsisted a long time ago, way before the Internet was even some special experimental military project or something. In fact, old media publications like newspapers and…

Links Should Die (And The Sooner The Better)

Zombie Attack

I’ll bet that when Larry and Sergey developed the new innovative search ranking formula which was based on links in 1996 and eventually changed the way people discovers content online, they didn’t imagined how it would entangled throughout the years.…

The Case Of Good Links and Bad Links

Google Good Vs Evil

Up until few months ago, many (if not most) rookie webmasters was familiar with this simple presumption- More links means better search rankings. And better rankings obviously leads to more traffic and more traffic of course means more beautiful money…