Ways To Promote Your Social Presence In Google+

Google Plus PromotionThere’s no point denying or ignoring it… It is here, stronger than ever (in its very short lifetime) and probably will only get stronger… So, we can whine, complain and cry out that the sky is falling but eventually we need to embrace the simple truth that we must find a way to leave alongside (gasp) Google+.

Since Google launched their new social search engine (i hope you understand that for Google, “social” means Google+), the whole search engine optimization practice became much more influenced by Google+ (although still not dependable). Therefore, we must learn new ways to improve our social Google+ presence.

To help Google us with our SSEO (social search engine optimization), Google+’s product marketing manager (impartial?), Louis Gray, has posted in his (wait for it) Google+ account 10 promotional advices and ways to improve the user profile/page presence over the social network identity service. Let’s go over the advices and ways:

Embrace the Community While Doing Something Unique and Creative- Don’t just create and publish content but also actually communicate and reach out for the community itself.

Speak Eloquently, Thoroughly and from Your Experience- Share your true opinions and observations while try to express yourself clearly as you possibly can.

Go on a Google+ Diet Participate as much as you can in discussions, share links and devote yourself to the service.

Have a Sense of Humor and Share The Wacky Parts of the Web- One of the greatest things that attracts users are funny stuff. Find these type of contents on the web and share them with other users.

Gain the Attention of Others Who Have Proven Influence Before- Try to be found by influential people by engaging with their social contents.

Spend Your Time Contributing to Make Google+ Even Better- By trying to improve the service, you might gain exposure and reputation across the community.

Be Well Known for Something Outside of Google+, Engage Here- By engaging with known figures (celebrities) you might expose yourself to a large audience.

Embrace Hangouts- Participate or create Hangouts to meet and to know many new people.

Be On the Scene and Break the News- One of fastest kind of posts that people concatenate are breaking news and being the first to publish them, meaning receiving the greatest amount of exposure.

Be The People Who Make This Place Run- Connect with the Google employees themselves to receive the recent updates and news.