Twitter’s Yearly Summary – 2011 Year In Review

Twitter Year In Review 2011After Facebook’s 2011 coverage, another popular social networking service is also reviewing the past year. Since the beginning of the month, Twitter has summarized the year in a five parts 2011 Year In Review– Stories, who joined, hot topics, Tweets per second stats and the “Golden Tweet award”.

Twitter’s yearly overview is not only impressive by its diverse and comprehensive topics covering but it was also published in seven different languages. Let’s go over the five parts (in the English version) and try to learn a few things…


Twitter Stories was the only part that did exist before the yearly review (and i reviewed it last month). However, this month Twitter has updated it and now you can find in this part more amazing, emotional and inspiring stories (some includes photos and videos). Here are some examples:

The story of a Pakistani who heard the Helicopters hovering over his home in what eventually revealed as the raid on Osama bin Laden compound, The story of a homeless person that reunited with his family using Twitter and the story of how Twitter connected Japan to the rest of the world after March 11th earthquake and tsunami.

Who Joined?

In 2011, Twitter celebrated 100 million active users and in this section it is reviewing famous public figures that joined the network on a monthly basis. The list includes people (and few organizations) from across many fields- Musicians, actors, politicians, businessman, sportsman and more. Here are few examples:

In March, Charlie Sheen who drew lot of attention this year has joined. In May, the U.S. Secret Service has joined. In June, the leader of the christian world, the Pope has joined. In July, one of the best tennis players of all times, Rafael Nadal has joined. In September the famous author, Salman Rushdie, has joined. Pretty impressive list…

Hot Topics

Twitter has reviewed what were the most hottest topics of the year on the social network in 14 different categories. The most interesting ones (at least for me) were the top hashtags and the top world news:

Top Hashtags

  1. Egypt
  2. TigerBlood
  3. ThreeWordsToLiveBy
  4. IDontUnderstandWhy
  5. Japan
  6. ImProudToSay
  7. Superbowl
  8. Jan25

Top World News

  1. Mubarak’s resignation
  2. Raid on Osama bin Laden
  3. Japanese earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster
  4. Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords
  5. Gaddafi’s death
  6. Swine Flu outbreak

Tweets Per Second

Tweets per second are the best indicator of what is the most talked about issue at the current moment and it is also a great tool to understand what were the most momentary bursting topics of the year. Here are the top 5 Tweets per second:

  1. MTV Video Music Awards (Beyonce’s Baby Bump)- 8,868 Tweets per second
  2. Troy Davis executed- 7,671 Tweets per second
  3. End of FIFA Women’s World Cup- 7,196 Tweets per second
  4. Brazil eliminated from the Copa America- 7,166 Tweets per second
  5. Steve Jobs resigns– 7,064 Tweets per second

The “Golden Tweet award”

Twitter has disclosed what was the most retweeted Tweet of the year. Joyfully, it was a Promoted Tweet by Wendy’s that helped raising money for foster children.

Twitter Wendy's Golden Tweet