Twitter Celebrates 100 Million Active Users – Company Overview

Twitter is one of my favorite social networking marketing platforms which proved itself to be very effective. Looks like i am not the only one who think so- Twitter announced yesterday they reached 100 million active users, Congratulations!

Launched 5 years ago, Twitter made an incredible progress riding (and carrying) the social networking wave and becoming one of the successful websites of the millennium. To celebrate its 100 million active users, i thought it was a good idea to post an overview about Twitter:

Twitter 100 Million Active Users

Twitter On The News:

Google and Twitter Agreement Expired- The deal to allow Google access to Twitter inner feed has been expired and hasn’t renewed yet. However, its very likely that this is only temporary and there will be new agreement in the near future.

Bing and Twitter Extended Their Agreement In contrast to Google, Bing has renewed its deal with Twitter to access its inner feed announcing it very originally as a Tweet chat.

Twitter Users Goes To Prison Many users who used wrongfully Twitter got arrested and imprisoned demonstrating the tremendous affect and influence it has on others and therefore shouldn’t be used maliciously.

Twitter New Features:

The New Interface Becomes Default Almost a year after the new design of Twitter has been presented and people could choose which version to use, The new one has become the default and all accounts upgraded automatically.

Uploading Images Directly With a click of a button it is now possible to upload images directly to Twitter without using third party websites.

Image Galleries A short while after presenting the feature to upload images directly, Twitter takes it another step forward and presents image galleries, to browse through all of the images that been uploaded by the user.

Toolkit For Developers In an effort to assist developers to build apps for Twitter, a new helpful developers toolkit is presented to make their work much easier.

New Tabs To allow the users to browse and to discover contents on Twitter easily, Twitter adds 2 new tabs: @YourUsername and Activity tabs.

Promoted Tweets A new unique designated social networking advertising platform has been introduced- Promoter Tweets. With this advertising platform, advertisers can promote selected tweets to appear at the top of the news feed.

Studies and Reports:

Promoted Tweets Success and Brands Following A report is showing that users are highly engaged with the new advertising platform Promoted Tweets and also love to follow brands on Twitter.

Link On Twitter Is 2.8 Hours Effective A study that examined for how long social links are effective found that sharing a link on Twitter will be effective for about 2.8 hours.

Pages With Tweet Buttons Have 7x Social Mentions A report that examined the top 10,000 websites found that pages with the Tweet button are seven times more socially mentioned. Also, the report shown that Twitter link/plugin is appearing on 42.5% of all websites.


There are 230 million Tweets on an average day- An increase of 110% from the beginning of the year.

Twitter has 100 million active users- An increase of 82% from the beginning of the year.

50 million users log in to Twitter on a daily basis.

55 million users are mobile users.

40 million users are passive (not Tweeted in the last month).

There are over 400 million unique visitors to Twitter every month.