The Timeline Arrived To All Facebook Pages As The Company Valued At $104 Billion

Facebook Logo In ConferenceToday, on the day that all Facebook brand Page’s profiles have transformed automatically to Timeline as initially announced on late February, the social networking company now has a worth of $104 billion (according to the latest private auctions share price).

Although Facebook spokesperson has stated yesterday that the transition process of all brand pages to Timeline would last throughout all the day, it seems that all pages profile have already transformed forcefully (if didn’t already done so manually), into the Timeline profile.

Timeline Coming For Brand Pages

The Timeline, which first announced to roll out just for users profile at Facebook’s F8 conference on September 2011, became available for brand pages as well on February 2012, in order to allow businesses to benefit from the new visual profile appearance.

Since then and until today (March 31st) pages could choose if to switch to Timeline or to stick with the old profile. But today, the adoption period is over and the Timeline has taken its place as the default and only profile choice. At the bottom of this post you can find an infographic overview about the Timeline attributes.

Even though the Timeline is still very young and a lot more measurements needed, it appears that it is driving more engagement from the users with pages (which transformed to Timeline) and especially with posts containing visual elements (photos, videos).

Facebook Worth $104 Billion

While we are just a few weeks or so from one of the largest public offering in history, Facebook’s shares have been traded privately for a while now on private companies auction marketplaces like SharesPost, which can provide an early glimpse on how investors are valuing private companies.

Yesterday, SharesPost notified via email that in Facebook’s shares secondary auction the final trading ended with a record high trading price of $44.10 for a share:

“SharesPost Financial Corporation completed its auction on March 30, 2012 of 150,000 units of an investment vehicle designated to hold shares of Facebook, Inc. (“Facebook”). A clearing price of $44.10 per share was established at this auction.” (from SharesPost email to its members)

The $44.10 share price grants Facebook a valuation of $104 billion (through 2.358 billion total shares calculation)! Pretty remarkable and shows on a very strong investors confidence when considering that the company profited only $1 billion in 2011 (relatively to the value of course).

In any case, whether if you are already a Facebook investor or you aren’t, here is an infographic covering the attributes of the Timeline (courtesy of Edelman Digital):

Facebook Timeline Attributes Overview Infographic