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Bing Debuts its Own “Webmaster Guidelines”

Bing Logo

Say “congratulations” to Bing everybody! CONGRATULATIONS! I really hope I wasn’t the only one shouting, that would have been really foolish (and strange)… After more than three years since the official launch, Microsoft’s search engine Bing finally has its own…

Nothing Wrong with Guest Blogging (as Long as…)

Guest Blog Sign

Publishing an article by a guest author hadn’t been invented by bloggers. It has subsisted a long time ago, way before the Internet was even some special experimental military project or something. In fact, old media publications like newspapers and…

Google Panda Refresh (#21) Pops on November 6th

Panda Confused

Okay, this already gets way too structural monotonous. But yet, it still has enough weighty effect on Google’s search results and as derivative, on innumerable websites’ traffic. Another month went by (sort of), another Google Panda update has arrived to…