Google Panda Refresh (#21) Pops on November 6th

Panda ConfusedOkay, this already gets way too structural monotonous. But yet, it still has enough weighty effect on Google’s search results and as derivative, on innumerable websites’ traffic. Another month went by (sort of), another Google Panda update has arrived to redeem us from our spammy shallow sins.

Unlike the prior update on September 27th which was rather forceful and incorporated some inner algorithmic alteration, this time it was just a “regular” Panda data refresh. Still, 1.1% impact on all English queries is nothing to look down at, as more than a few websites sensed it this way (merrily traffic increase) or the other (gloomy drop).

This is already the 21st Panda release that breezes in slightly less than six weeks since the previous one, preserving the update-a-month pattern we learned to accept over the past two years. As opposed to the timely organized Panda, its younger rebel brother the Penguin still appears to be disorderly bashing up without a clear form.

But back to the Panda, in spite of its formalistic reappearances I’m not sure if the next update will indeed come within 4-6 weeks from now again. Google tends to tranquilize with the updates at the year’s end to endow businesses some calmness during the busy holiday season, so the next Panda update might only pop back in 2013.

That said, Google also has the propensity to shatter familiar outlines so the algorithmic weather might be utterly unpredictable. Stay close to your umbrella (and sunscreen).