Bing Launching New Improved Mobile App Based On HTML 5

I already reported that Bing is trying to expand its mobile reach with some new features about two months ago to its mobile site ( and now, it is announcing on taking the mobile experience to a new level- New and improved mobile app with HTML 5 capabilities.

Microsoft knows that mobile traffic will be taking a much bigger and significant part in the near future as almost all related studies are pointing to this direction (such as the latest by Ericsson’s) and also mobile ad spending will increased drastically (eMarketer forecasts), so the company has launched a top-class performances mobile app.

The new app is based almost completely on HTML 5 which gives it more improved advanced capabilities designated especially for mobile users like camera support and voice search. Additionally, features that were already exist on the mobile site have been implemented into the app:

Maps Split View- An easier view to find and get directions to different locations.

Deals- The Bing Deals service has been integrated into the app.

Videos- The videos feature from the mobile site has been implemented.

Real-Time Search- Real time search for hot topics and news capability.

Will it be enough to break the Google search monopoly for mobile? I doubt it… However, it is a good move towards it. What i found a little funny is that the app is available for iOS (iPhones) and Android devices only at this point, and not for Windows Phone 7 devices which is a product of Microsoft…

For more details about the Bing HTML 5 mobile app you can watch this video by Bing team:

Video: Bing for Mobile Goes HTML5