Bing For Mobile Trying To Expand With New Features

Microsoft search engine, Bing, is trying to bring some competition to Google in the mobile search arena by introducing new features for Bing for Mobile ( Can it take a part from the estimated 90%-95% mobile search market share of Google?

Bing presented 3 new features- The first is a co-op with Facebook to see recommendation from your social network friends, the second is a video service and the third is a service for movies information. Let’s review them:

“Liked Results”

Bing is taking its partnership with Facebook to the mobile industry. When the user will search for something and some of his Facebook friends “liking” a certain result, their photo will appear next to it (up to 3 friends). To activate this feature, the user needs to connect Bing to Facebook:

Bing "Like Results" For Mobile


Bing claiming to bring million of videos from many resources online like Hulu and YouTube to this feature. Sports videos received special treatment with designated tabs for MLB, NBA, and NHL. This feature can be also connected with Facebook for friends recommendations.

Bing For Mobile Vidoes

Movies Info

Bing attempts to expand its reach with this location-based feature where you can receive information about movies- Summaries, trailers, Facebook friends recommendations, show times and places.

Bing For Mobile Movies


Bing tries to enter the mobile search market and to take pieces of this pie that Google holds almost exclusively. The 3 features represent 3 important issues:

1.  The growing of the social media with the mobile industry- Connecting everything to the most popular social network Facebook.

2.  Bing understands that one of the most popular mobile activities is watching videos, therefore launching a feature of videos.

3.  Location-based programs and features are gaining great momentum recently and Microsoft is making one of its firsts footholds in this area with the Movies feature.