Stop Spamming My Email Inbox, SEO Scammers!

Doctor Evil from Austin PowersLabor Day, 2012… the day where hard-working Americans celebrates their hard-working labor by barbecuing and watching other Americans laboring college football. And which better day is there to discuss about the ones who aren’t hard-working, mostly not Americans and stupidly believes that somehow football means soccer?

In India, Labour Day is being celebrated on May 1st, so unlike the arrogant Americans who are getting drunk today and thinks that soccer is a real word, India-based shady web practices can carry on today at full throttle! Joy oh joy, my email box will get spammed today by questionable SEO offers just as any other day! {maybe except for May 1st}

From Dinesh Kumar ([email protected]) to @WorkingHomeGuide:

Subject: S.EO. [sic] Services


We are offering S.E.O. services for your website which will help you to improve your Google, Yahoo, and Msn and other search engine rankings…

Wow Dinesh! You strikes as uber-professional! You even got yourself a free Yahoo email account with the term SEO in it and stuff! That is so cool and trustworthy! It looks like you are so goddamn highly-trained that you still refers to Bing as MSN! That’s some real kick-ass old school shit! Can I pay you NOW?

It appears that Mr. Kumar offers (among other things) 150 directory submissions, 10 social bookmarking submissions, 100 article submissions and 100 press release submissions. Because that’s what really trending in the search world these days- unnatural links for better rankings! And if you don’t believe Dinesh, just ask Mr. Pig!

Mr. Kumar’s ingenious services can be at your disposal TODAY {or never} for the skimpy cost of $150 PER MONTH. But hey, if don’t want to pay for SEO services from someone who possibly (but not probably) competed at the 2008 Olympics you can always turn to another marvelous email spammer…

From Jiya Roy ([email protected]) to @WorkingHomeGuide:

Subject: Complete S.E.O. Exclusive Offer


Hope you are well!!
I am Jiya Roy Business Development Manager.

We have a SEO discount offer going for the following package…

At this point Jiya describes the exact same “awesome” package, at the exact same order and of course at the exact same puny price ($150 a month) as the distinguished Mr. Kumar… wait just a minute, India-based SEO experts! Is it possible that you aren’t really as professional and knowledgeable in the search arena as you portray yourself…?

Is it possible that you just want to swindle hard-working Americans (or others) on the sacred Labor Day (or on any other day)? Is it possible that you are all connected to the same {not so} elaborated scam? Is it possible that I’m asking too many questions just to stress the point?

From Ashima Sachdeva ([email protected]) to @WorkingHomeGuide:

Subject: Best seo services With Affordable Price

Dear Sir/Madam,

I m Ashima Sachdeva Marketing Manager. [sic]

We have a SEO discount offer going for the following package…

Again, same package, same order, same price, same lousy name usage of a free Yahoo email account… I don’t know if this is a small group of a few crooked individuals, a giant cartel of SEO bullcrap or perhaps just one asshole who spam the web extensively.

All I know is that you should never ever trust and pay for this kind of fraudulent service, no matter how desperate you are for better rankings. Not today, not tomorrow and not on the next Labor Day. Enjoy your football (or soccer).