Facebook: Sponsored Stories Inside The News Feed Soon

Facebook More MoneyFacebook is trying to expand furthermore its advertising integration within the social network- Sponsored Stories will begin appearing inside the user’s News Feed in a gradual process from early next year, just a couple of weeks from now.

Facebook representatives already confirmed this story to a bunch of online sources pretty openly, with the probable intention of creating some buzz and to allure advertisers around the assimilation of its ads product inside the most occupying feature to the social network’s users.

“You will only see Sponsored Stories in your News Feed about your friends or people you are connected to”. (Facebook’s spokesperson, Annie Ta)

Ads Only From Connections, “Hoping” For One Ad a Day Limitation

Additionally to the confirmations, Facebook representatives also provided few more details about the ads: The users will see in their News Feed Sponsored Stories only from people or pages they are connected with, in an effort to keep the personal touch. The ads will be labeled as “Sponsored” in the right corner of the post, as appears in this screenshot:

Facebook Sponsored Story In News Feed

Facebook also intends (“hope” as they stated) to show only one Sponsored Story a day for each user in the News Feed. Note that it isn’t an obligation, so it could go up more than once a day. The ads will not appear on mobile devices at start, however it could be the base of the mobile ads rumored to be launched in the next few months. No further information about pricing or ad units has been disclosed yet.

Attracting Investors

Back in September, the research firm eMarketer, has predicted that Facebook’s ad revenue worldwide will climb to $5.78 billion in 2012 and to $7 billion in 2013. However, since then, few significant changes have occurred: Sponsored Stories have been added to the Friends Ticker, the company reported to launch mobile ads, coupon ads have been experimented and now, additional ads to the News Feed.

When the expected IPO (initial public offering) in 2012 is getting closer, Facebook is looking to increase its ad revenue even more than the bursting number predictions, to attract more investors when the company will go public. With 800+ million users all over the world, every online business owner should combine the social network in his marketing/advertising efforts…

Facebook Ad Revenue Prediction