New On Google+: Circles Posting Volume, New Photos Interface and More

Big news for Google+ groupies (yes, it already has devoted community): Google has announced on a bunch of new features and updates to its social networking service. Google has stated that it has pushed these new features and updates just as Christmas is around the corner and they will roll them out to all users in the next few days. Let’s review them:

Posts Volume For Circles

This is a very nice visual feature that allows the user to control how many posts he wants to receive from a particular Circle. This way for example, you can stay updated with all your family posting and receive less updates from other Circles like acquaintances. This offers Google+ attributes that resembles to Facebook’s Subscribe button, however it only reflects on whole Circles and not on specific profiles.

Improved Notifications

Google has improved the notifications feature efficiency on the top bar. Now, it provides more details (“sneak previews”) and recent +1’s and shares the user had since the last time he checked them.

Brand Pages Updates

After receiving feedback and reviews since the brand pages opened up in early November, Google is now updating them with new options: Up to 50 administrators for each brand page where they all can be notified about the page’s activities, and a combined count of the page +1’s and how many users have added it to their Circle.

Improved Photos Feature

The photos feature received the most major redesign and updates with a complete new interface that puts the photo in the center without any distractions around (except comments that can also opt-out). Tagging users also became more easy to use, friendly and attractive.