Facebook Adding New Subscribe Button – What’s Behind It?

Facebook continues to improve the users sharing and privacy control, issues argued to be Facebook weak spot. Only a few days after presenting the new friend lists, yesterday Facebook introduced a new feature- Subscribe Button.

The Subscribe Button Roles

1.  Control how much to see from other people with 3 levels of classification: All updates, most updates and only important updates.

2.  Follow other people posts and updates, even if they aren’t your friends.

3.  Allow other people to follow your contents, without being their friend.

Adding The Subscribe Button

Enter this Subscribe button page and hit on Allow Subscribers. Then, choose who can comment on your public posts and if you want to be notified whenever you have new subscriber.

Criticism, Competition and The Human Nature

Since the launch of Google+ and the ongoing criticism about Facebook’s Sharing and privacy control, that even led for a ban from a German state, Facebook integrated many new upgrades, features and changes to improve these issues.

The Subscribe button is another strategic move to provide Facebook more beneficial attributes that only social networks like Twitter and Google+ had until now and by doing that, it is actually neutralizing their advantages.

I think that this button, alongside the other new changes and features, is reflecting the adjustment of social networking towards becoming more and more resembles to the human nature- People have many levels of friends (family, close friends, acquaintances) and they don’t like to share or to hear from them at the same form.