Google Going All The Way – More Google+ Attributes Into Gmail, Soon Expected To Merge

Gmail To Google+It is no secret that Google is keep integrating all of its products with Google+ in an effort to strengthen its social networking service, when we last saw it combining furthermore into News and Places. But now it seems like we are heading to the ultimate integration move- Merger with Gmail.

More Attributes Of Google+ Into Gmail

When Google presented the new design of Gmail at the beginning of last month, it was mostly related to an improved general interface. In the last few days, in an official blog post by the Gmail team, it has been announced that new changes are coming into the email service. This time, they are completely Google+ related:

  • Add To Circles In Emails- Now, when receiving an email from someone that isn’t in the user’s Circles, it will be possible to add him directly from Gmail.
  • Circles Filtering- The user’s emails from friends in his Circles will appear on the left navigation bar to find faster emails from them.
  • Automatic Contact Information Updating- If the user’s friends have a Google+ profile, it will automatically get updated whenever they update it.
  • Sharing To Google+ From Gmail- Sharing images from the Gmail’s inbox to Google+ becomes much easier with a new Share button next to the image icon.

Heading Towards a Clear Direction

Gmail ship has an obvious destination in the future- Complete merger with Google+. Google already proved it is willing to go very far to promote its (relatively) new social networking service by aggressively implementing it in many of its products and alongside the expected merger with Gmail’s 250+ million users it is going All-In.

As for the moment, Gmail is still an independent service that don’t requires users to have a Google+ account. However, Google is already encouraging its Gmail users to upgrade their account to Google+ (by using this page) and we are very close to the day where Gmail will be be swallowed completely into Google+…