Google+ Deeper Integration With Google News and Places

Google is continuing to integrate its social networking service deeper into more of the company’s products, Gradually increasing the Google+ brand pages usage importance for online businesses. This time, it is implementing the +1 button into Google News and integrating Google+ brand pages into Places.

+1 In Google News

Couple of days ago, Google announced that logged-in to their account users will be able to see in Google News recommendations (+1’s) about articles from people in their circles. Whenever a friend has +1’d some article, it may appear in the Spotlight section, just as it already appears on the web search results. Here’s a screenshot for illustration (released by Google):

The +1 Button In Google News

Now, it is much more important for websites who appears in Google News to assimilate and optimize social buttons (especially the +1) to increase their Google News traffic, as it become more meaningful and holds additional ranking value.

Integration Of Google+ Into Google Places

Google+ profile/brand page appearance of local businesses has now been implemented into Places search results the same way as author appearance with a little difference- Whenever clicking on the profile thumbnail image, it is linking to another search results page with a short description about the business and the option to add it to the user Circles. You can watch this two-images illustration (taken from Mike Blumenthal’s blog):

Google+ In Google Places

Local businesses which works with Places, should also develop a Google+ brand page to encourage more engagement from the users with their Google+ social presence.

These two updates are adding more pieces of the puzzle Google aspires to create- To make the web more social while Google+ is leading social networking platform for this purpose. Although that Google is pushing aggressively towards this direction, at the moment it is still far behind Facebook.