Google Improving Author Appearance In Search Results and Verifying Authorship Using Email

Google is improving the implementation of its social networking service, Google+, on the search results, using the rel=author markup. Additionally, it is presenting a new way for authors to verify their contents with their email address.

Improved Google+ Authors In Search Results

Google announced that from now, whenever you browse through the different search results with author information, you can find more Google+ engagement features on each one. Additionally to the author photo and link to his/hers Google+ profile you will also see:

  • Expanded Circles Features- How many people have this author in their Circles and the option to add him to yours.
  • Comments- If the author shared the article on Google+, there will be link to the post where you can see others comments and comment yourself.

Here’s a screenshot of a search result with the new Google+ implementation:

Google+ Author In Search Results

Verifying Authorship Using Email

Google also presented a new way to verify content’s authorship just by using the webmaster’s email address (with the same domain name), in an effort to ease the authentication process. This process has two steps:

Step One: Name+Email On Website

Add your name and email address to every page (where wish to claim your author rights) of your website.

Step Two: Verify Your Email On Google+ Profile

Enter your Google+ account and edit your profile. On the Work section, switch the Phone option to Email and enter your email address (with the same domain of your site). After you save and done editing, click on the Verify link next to your email on your profile page to receive a confirmation email.

After you will confirm the email, all the pages with your name and email will be associated to you as author!