Google Redesigning Reader and Gmail While Putting Google+ In The Center

Google keeps updating and redesigning its products and now its the turn of two old products that serve many who work from home- Reader and Gmail. The two products received serious face-lifting to match the general modern template Google assimilating in all of its products and that puts Google+ in the center of all.

Reader Redesign

Google has introduced a new look to the veteran RSS reader which mostly contains implementation of Google+ elements into the interface. The colors and buttons are now matching to the social networking service design and all the sharing is concentrated around the +1 button and by that, replacing all other sharing features.

New Google Reader
The New Reader Look

Even though the new design offers better and cleaner look, it already drawn a lot of resistance from many loyal users that request saving the old Reader because of the old-familiar sharing features elimination and replacing them by Google+ features.

Google is putting all eggs in the one Google+ basket in their ongoing battle with Facebook, although they know there are some areas to lose- We hope you’ll like the new Reader (and Google+) as much as we do, but we understand that some of you may not. (From the blog post)

Gmail Redesign

Google also presented a new design to Gmail with the same familiar interface elements as in Google+. However, unlike the Reader redesign, all i could find is praises and compliments about the new design and updates. Here are some of the major changes:

Conversation-Style Emails- Swapping email with others now appears in a more conversation-style for better convenience flowing reading with photo thumbnails of the recipients near the text.

Auto Screen Adoption- The new Gmail offers the possibility for automatic screen change so no matter from which screen or device you are using, the appearance will adopt itself accordingly.

HD Themes- New friendly HD themes have been added.

Improved Search Engine- The search engine within the email account has been improved drastically and now contains more advanced search tools.

For more information you can watch this video about Gmail’s new look: