Google Search Updates: Better Long-Tail Results and Original Content Identification

Google Inside SearchGoogle is continuing to become more transparent search engine and released another list of search updates and changes over the last few weeks. This is the second post where Google discloses algorithmic or interface changes after last month a list of 10 recent algorithm changes has been published.

Monthly Posts On Search Updates

In the post, Google are stating that in addition to announcing or discussing major updates such as the Freshness algorithm update, they will now begin to publish a monthly blog post series (the last one was just two weeks ago) of updating about smaller search algorithm improvements and changes than the major ones.

I think that this is great news to the webmaster community (and for anyone who works at home), as now we could understand better Google while identifying problems and finding more ways to improve our sites. Here are the recent changes, updates and improvements since the last post:

More Related Results- If the user used an non-ordinary word in his search query, it might be devalued a little relatively to the other words. This is an interesting effort to make the results more relevant and i wonder if it will stick.

Better Indexing, Better Long-Tail Results- This improvement suppose to bring more relevant results for long-tail search queries.

Automatic Detection Of Parked Domains- Parked domains are basically just the domain name without any real actual website. Obviously they don’t offer any real value and now Google will identify them better.

Improved Autocomplete- The autocomplete search query feature has been improved to be more flexible.

Fresher Blog Search- The blog search results would be more fresh (probably by using the Freshness algorithm).

Original Content Identification- As Matt Cutts already hinted in the content scrapers video, Google is improving its original content identification to show the content source on the results.

Sport Results- MLS and Canadian Football League live results will be displayed with easier access.

Image Fresh Results- More fresh results for image searches related to news queries.

Improved Tablets Layout- Better search appearance in tablets.

Less Results From One Site- Google will decrease the number of multiple search results from only one site.