Google Announcing a New “Freshness” Algorithm Update Will Affect 35% Of Searches

Breaking news: Google announced that they are launching a new search algorithm today that will affect about 35% of the searches! Let me repeat that again so you know it isn’t some typing error- 35% of the searches suppose to change today!

“Freshness” Update Based On Caffeine

Amit Singhal, on of the top executive Google’s search engineers is explaining that this new search algorithm designed to provide “fresher” and more recent results for the users which will cause 35% movement in all searches. In comparison, the Panda update, which launched in February, affected about 12% of the searches and considered one of the biggest updates ever made.

Amit also explains that the Caffeine update last year, that designed to crawl and index the whole web much quicker last year was actually an infrastructure preparation which allows this new “freshness” update to be based on. Maybe the “minor” updates we witnessed couple of weeks ago (and yet to be understood completely) were set as a preparation as well, but it is too soon to determine.

Google provides 3 examples of what might Change (although that with 35% i would assume almost everything):

Recent Events Or Hot Topics- The latest news as possible (minutes old) from the highest quality pages that delivers them.

Recurring Events- Events that occur on a regular periodic time basis like elections, sports game results or public companies quarterly earning reports.

Frequently Updated Information- Although this example covers so many things, the purpose is about information that changes very often like technological products or the weather.

Last Thoughts

If 35% of all searches will eventually change, this will be counted as the biggest algorithmic update of all times and in days where the dependency on Google is at its peak by so many people and businesses worldwide, it will surly create an enormous effect and impact. As soon as i understand better what is going on i will keep you up-to-date!