Google Discloses 10 Recent Algorithmic Changes

Google Inside SearchGoogle has made lots of appearance and search algorithmic changes lately (as always), some of them already been described and officially announced and some of them simply got noticed by users. Now, a new blog post offers an overview on all (or almost all) recent changes has been published by Matt Cutts.

Search Algorithmic Changes

Referrals Signal In Image Search Devalued- Google has downgraded (claiming completely) the references image search signal, probably after major improvements to analyze images.

Freshness Algorithm Update New algorithm update has been implemented, that gains fresh (quality) content priority. Google estimated it affected 6%-10% of noticeable searches.

Better Official Pages Detection- Official brand pages recognition has been improved and will get prioritized.

Better Date-Restricted Queries- Search results when defining a specific date range has been improved (based on the Freshness algorithm update).

Look and Appearance

Text Snippets Choosing- An improved appearance choosing for text snippets from within the main content in the search results.

Anchor Text Devalued When Showing Titles- In cases when Google choose the page title (happening occasionally), anchor text of link references will get less significance.

More Rich Snippets- More rich snippets are now appearing in the results page like prices and reviews.

Autocomplete and Languages

Limited Content Multi-Langauge Results- Non-English search queries with limited content available will result also relevant English results. Also, translated pages suggestion will appear.

Russian Autocomplete Predictions- Long and arbitrary Autocomplete prediction queries in Russian will be reduced.

Non-Latin Characters Prediction Fix- An improvement for search queries that contains non-Latin characters has been implemented.

In general, there isn’t anything groundbreaking in Google’s “disclosure”, however it points out on an excellent trend for more transparency from the biggest internet company in the world.