Microsoft Presents Many Improvements and Upgrades For adCenter Interface

Microsoft adCenterMicrosoft adCenter is the preferred advertising platform for many people who work at home (mostly affiliate marketers). As search advertising is predicted to grow and remain the biggest internet advertising platform, Microsoft is making lots of efforts to gain more of this market share.

In late August, the company has announced on new adCenter quality policy to attract more considerable and reputable advertisers and just a few days ago a mega display advertising deal with Yahoo and AOL was announced. Additionally, Microsoft has announced recently on upgrading (almost) completely adCenter’s interface.

The upgrade timing isn’t coincidental- Microsoft chose to do it right before the holiday season, so advertisers can enjoy its benefits during (potentially) the busiest time of the year. Here’s a list of all the recent upgrades and improvements:

–  An improved user interface homepage dashboard (as in the screenshot at the bottom) with more detailed information to track campaigns performances.

–  Bid Suggestions section has been added to the Opportunities tab for better finding “cheap” keywords (high volume keywords with relatively low price).

–  New “Impression Share Lost” segments (to Budget, Rank, Relevance and Other) to identify exactly how the campaign can be optimized.

–  An improved history reports which now includes historical change of Quality Score based on hour/day/week/month or summary of all.

–  Easier access for API users with new Keyword ID field.

–  Payment improvements- Changing payment method (credit card, invoice billing) directly within adCenter, Better accurate monthly calculation budget.

–  New single page Create a campaign with keywords suggestion and real time ad preview.

–  General improvement to managing, navigating and real time editing through Campaigns/Ad Groups/Ads/Keywords with new filters and customized fields.

All these new improvements and upgrades are making the work with adCenter much easier and friendly which i am sure you will find helpful for your work from home.

adCenter Improved Homepage Dashboard Screenshot
adCenter Improved Homepage Dashboard Screenshot