Updated Policy For Microsoft adCenter – Targeting Low Quality Sites

Microsoft has released an updated quality guidelines policy for its advertising platform, adCenter. The new policy set to take in effect from tomorrow for US and Canada ads. While Microsoft stating the updated policy is for “greater clarity and more specific definitions of practices”, it is clear that its main purpose is to target low quality sites.

What Are The Major Changes and Updates?

–  Websites have to offer real value to the user and not to serve just a “mediator” site without providing anything.

–  Not using unethical tactics that may mislead the users for monetizing purposes.

–  If landing on a sign up/login page, there must be a link to the home page or to other supporting content.

–  “Bait and switch” is not allowed (Switching to other website unexpectedly).

–  Tighter restriction on deceiving content.

Another Hit For Spam/Scam/Fraud/Shallow Sites

After AdWords manage to banish most of its affiliate spammers, looks like adCenter is following its footsteps. To be honest, there were just too many low-quality sites publishing on adCenter, making it sometimes pretty unbearable experience.

This is another hit for fraudulent and low-quality vendors after Clickbank also posted new stricter guidelines (also taking effect tomorrow). However, the new guidelines must be enforced determinedly and consistently for both adCenter and Clickbank (Like AdWords is doing) to make a real change.

For more information on advertising on adCenter you can read this Microsoft adCenter Guide.