Anonymous Called Off The Plot To Crush Facebook

The hacking organization, Anonymous, has officially announced that they are calling off the attacks on Facebook, that supposed to occur yesterday in a Tweet from a Twitter account attributed to Anonymous. Unofficially however, some members of the organization may still try to act…

Back in August i reported that Anonymous threatens to crash Facebook on the 5th of November after allegedly releasing an official announcement in a video (watch in the bottom). Now it appears that it was decided by just a few members of the organization that didn’t consult/informed all members.

Decentralized Organization Without One Leader

Supposedly, Anonymous decides on attacks after taking a vote between the organization’s members. As it turns out, there are cases when attacks don’t received the required vote majority, but members from the organization still decides to operate by themselves and they still do so under the name of Anonymous.

This is what apparently happened last August, when some of the members decided to act by themselves against Facebook, after claiming it is violating the basic privacy rights of people. They choose the 5th of November as a symbolic day- When Guy Fawkes captured right before trying to explode England’s House of Lords back in 1605 (what known as “The Gunpowder Plot”).

So, the plot to take down Facebook that might thrilled many and probably frightened even more, eventually didn’t came through as Anonymous is focusing these days on crushing another known establishment, Wall Street…

Here’s the alleged Anonymous video to take down Facebook: