Does Anonymous Going To Crash Facebook?

The hackers organization/group Anonymous threatens to crash the biggest social network Facebook on the 5th of November. The reason: Facebook is using private information of people and denying their privacy.

Anonymous: Operation Facebook
Facebook Is Next?

After hacking to the Syrian government official website just recently, Anonymous is now aspiring “to kill Facebook”. According to a video they launched (you can watch it in the end of the post), Facebook is giving your private information to all kind of agencies, deleting yourself is almost impossible and if even if you did manage to delete your account, all your information is still saved in Facebook.

How much the threat is real? Well, Anonymous has already proved itself by hacking and taking down major companies and government websites, however Facebook is a whole different “challenge”… It has the strongest servers in the world and use the best internet security programs and companies. So I would say the threat is real, but i doubt if it really can crash Facebook completely…

Remember, Remember The 5th Of November…

The chosen date isn’t random: On the 5th of November 1605, Guy Fawkes failed to carry out the Gunpowder plot. Its goal was to blow up the British parliament but he was caught and hanged.
All i can say is that the 5th of November is going to be a very interesting day for me working at home…



Here is Anonymous Operation Facebook video: