Anonymous – An Online Force To Reckon With

Even if you are not internet geeks, you probably heard of the organization Anonymous. This is a group of mysterious hackers (unknown number) that fight for internet freedom. They are known for their cyber attacks against websites that filters and censors information themselves or support it in a way.

First of all, i just want to say without hiding it that i am very impressed from this organization. I admire their idealism, although i have some doubts myself about it and i also respect their incredible computer skills. I have decided to write about them because regardless to their opinions and views, they have become a recognize force online and as home business owners that most of our activities are online, we should know them.

Taken From Anonymous Blog

Let us review few of their known activities in the last few years:

Attack On Church of Scientology Websites- Although not the most influential activity but the first that gave them publicity in 2008.

Supports The Iranian Protests- During the Iranian election protests in 2009, Anonymous launched a website that bypassed the Iranian government censorship and gave the protestors the opportunity to exchange information with the world.

WikiLeaks Payback- After the arrest of Julian Assange from WikiLeaks, Anonymous attacked as payback few websites that cut their connection with WikiLeaks including Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Arab Spring Involvement- Anonymous took an active online part during the middle east riots targeting official government websites from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Jordan and Morocco. Just today (8/8/2011) they have attacked the official Syrian government website.

Why Anonymous Is a Good Thing?

When i work from home and publish posts, articles, studies or no matter what, I intend it will be open for the whole public all over the world. If for some reason, some government (or organization for that matter) decides to censor it, i am glad that there is someone there looking out for me!

From a social point of view, Anonymous definitely helped (and still does) making the world a better place by assisting people deliver their messages and stories (Like i mentioned their activities in the middle east).

Why Anonymous Is a Bad Thing?

I am afraid that someday in the future, one of my online business competitor will be someone that is also works or worked for Anonymous. Should i afraid that my website will be attacked because of business rivalry?

From a social point of view, Is there a line that internet freedom should be filtered and monitored? For example, inappropriate children websites or racist forums.

For more information about Anonymous, here is their official blog and here’s a video they have published to describe themselves and their capabilities: