How to Start Your Own Weed Blog

weed blogThe use of marijuana is becoming much less taboo and significantly more common.

Doctors are recommending it and businesses are flourishing from it. Studies have been done on the benefits of regular marijuana use, the economic improvements it could bring, and much more.

If anything, casual smokers are just happy to have fewer people on their case.

The one thing most marijuana users have in common, though, is the interest to learn more about this drug.

Many people read weed blogs to grow their knowledge. Weed blogs are the go-to source to find out about anything and everything there is to know about marijuana.

There’s a good amount of such sites already out there, but that shouldn’t stop you from starting your own weed blog. In fact, with the right approach, your online marijuana platform can turn into a money-making opportunity!

You just have to know where to start.

Here are the ins and outs of starting a weed blog and making money with it.

Establish a Niche

Before you start building your new blog, think about what you want it to be about.

Saying you want to start a weed blog can sound a lot like saying you want to start a travel blog – it’s not specific enough to establish some direction!

Is the aim to educate about all the different kinds of highs there are?

Do you want to come from a personal perspective or one of studies and facts?

If you aren’t sure how to answer these questions, check out the different options for a marijuana-based blog below.

Medical Information Versus Recreation

The medical versus recreational discussion is an on-going debate.

This means there will always be new material to talk about on your blog!

But, it would be best to take a stance.

Are you only interested in talking about marijuana from a physical and mental health standpoint? Or, would you want to advocate for anyone’s use of this drug?

Smoking, Eating, and Everything in Between

Whether you’re supporting medical research and practice, or you don’t really care who smokes, there is enough to be said about smoking itself.

Your weed blog could be all about the different ways to enjoy marijuana.

There are traditional blunts, bowls, and joints.

Then there’s taking the flower and making oils and concentrates out of it. These are referred to as a dab, shatter, or, most recently, resin or rosin.

Each has a different method of being used and acquired from the flower.

For simpler takes on switching up weed uses, try talking about edibles.

Edibles are often made with oils, which can be used in many ways. You can make weed baked goods, pasta dishes, and even bread or pizza dough!

Growing Weed and the World of Weed

Another topic of discussion to consider using your blog for is how to grow weed.

Growing is a carefully-detailed process.

It takes the right combination of lighting, temperature, and watering to be successful. Buds Grow Guide can shed a bit more light on this subject. Keep in mind, talking about smoking and growing is just the beginning when it comes to understanding marijuana.

The world of weed includes everything from different bongs and pipes to oils and even as a treatment for pets. You can talk about the top dispensaries to visit and other weed-friendly destinations, too.

Whatever weed subject you choose to write about on your blog, remember you don’t have to pick just one.

But, establishing some sort of focus will help your branding efforts in the long-run.

Design and Market Your Weed Blog

Speaking of branding efforts, let’s break down the basics of what any blog needs.

Pick a Brand Name

Start with a brand name that represents what you want to say.

It should give readers an idea about your blog before they even get to your homepage.

A strong brand sets a medical marijuana blog aside from a recreational. Similarly, it lets users know if you’re about to post something on your recent dispensary trip or the new smoking method you just tried.

Branding doesn’t stop at the blog’s name, though.

A brand is everything associated with your weed blog. It is the logo and the social media presence as well as the tone in which you write and how you interact with readers.

Build the Blog

Use the ideals of your brand to create a blog that reflects the feel you’re going for.

Design with values in mind in a way that hooks your desired audience.

This means aligning abstract concepts with digital tactics. It means creating fun, eye-catching landing pages for chill recreational users. Or, it means a professional, clean-cut look for a medical marijuana blog.

If you aren’t sure if your design is on the right track, go back to your buyer persona. Everything should be created with this target in mind.

Create with Search in Mind

Actually, there’s one more thing to consider as you’re choosing graphics and setting up color contrasts.

Search engine performance is key to your blog being successful.

You could have the nicest looking, most informative blog on weed out there. But, if users can’t find you, you’re out of luck to make money on it.

As such, use some SEO tricks to bring your brand’s search rankings up to par with its quality. You can start with tactics like:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Link building
  • URL customization
  • Building a social media presence
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Responsive mobile design

There are many opinions on what works best for SEO and what might be a waste of time. But, you won’t know how to best present your blog until you start playing with these tools.

Monetize the Movement

Once users find you, they’ll start to build a relationship with you.

You can then use this relationship as a way to leverage traffic and turn it into a paycheck.

The following are two common ways to do this.

Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate blogging is the practice of using your blog as a referral site.

For example, you can write reviews on dispensaries, vaporizers, or edibles.

These reviews would lead readers back to products your post talked about. When users purchase the product from the business who offers them, that business pays you for the referral.

You don’t even have to write reviews to make affiliate marketing work. You can set up contracts with ads, links, or even buttons included on your site in a different way.

Partnering and Product Offerings

Other contracts to consider are partnerships and product offerings.

You could potentially expand your weed blog into a retail site.

You’d need a product to sell, though. If you aren’t the ideas person, find someone who is.

There may be an amazing weed development out there looking to get in the hands of consumers. Your blog might be that outlet, and such a partnership could be highly successful.

Managing Your Blog from Home

Although there are many ways to set up and monetize a weed blog, there is one common benefit – you get to work from home!

Working from home a privilege not everyone can enjoy. It gives you access to work/life balance as well as the chance to be your own boss.

Plus, if you find you enjoy your first blog, you can create more websites focused on other subjects and initiatives.

Click here for three other options to consider when working from home.