How To Save Money On Prescription Drug Costs

prescription drug costs

It’s no secret that prescription drug costs continue to rise. In fact, they account for about 17 percent of all personal health care expenses.

For many people, prescriptions can make the difference between life and death, regardless of price. Luckily, their costs aren’t fixed.

You have several options for keeping the price down to more reasonable levels. Let’s dive in and see what you can do.

Shop Around

Just because one pharmacy quotes a price for a medication, it doesn’t mean every pharmacy charges that much.

Prices often vary based on internal pricing policies. It’s common for two chain pharmacies to sell the exact same drugs in the same doses at different costs.

It’s also common for drug prices to vary based on whether you apply insurance coverage or not. The catch is that the prices often go up if you use insurance.

ask about the cost of a prescription if you pay cash. It won’t always save you money, but it will prevent you from overpaying.

Prescription Saving Card

A prescription saving card offers another way of keeping down prescription drug costs.

It usually works like this. You sign up at the card provider’s website. They mail you the card.

You give the card to the pharmacist at checkout, and they apply a discount. The discount can go as high as 20 to 30 percent.

Some providers offer the cards for free, while others charge fees. Always research the card provider before paying extra.

Talk with Your Doctor

In most cases, doctors choose between several medications to treat a condition. They often pick a medication because they think it’s the most effective option. Other times, they pick a drug out of habit.

Generic drugs often provide identical or nearly-identical results at a fraction of the price.

Sit down with your doctor and tell them that cost is an issue for you. Most doctors will prescribe a less expensive generic unless there are very good reasons not to.

Offset Prescription Drug Costs

At a certain point, you can’t get the drugs any cheaper. If you buy a lot of other medical supplies for your condition, though, you can offset drug costs.

You can do that by buying your other supplies online. A company like SaveRite Medical, for example, often offers supplies at better prices than you’ll find locally. Check it out!

By spending less on your other medical supplies, it’s less critical to save on every prescription.

Final Thoughts

Prescription drug costs will keep rising. That means you must take action on your own behalf.

Don’t accept the first price you get. Shop around and ask how much it is if you pay cash.

Sign up for a prescription drug card. It might save you 30 percent off the top.

Talk with your doctor about cheaper, generic drugs. They’ll usually work with you to find alternatives.

When all else fails, offset drug costs by getting other medical supplies at a better price.

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