How To Save Money On Gifts

holding a giftGiving gifts can be a lovely thing to do. Some people really like to show others how much they are thinking of them by buying them things. However, it can be expensive and there may be additional costs such as postage to consider. There are ways that you can keep the costs down though.

Agree to not Gift

Some people have a pact and agree not to buy presents for each other. This can be a relief to both parties, not just because of the cost but also the time and effort spent looking for gifts and the waste caused by giving unwanted gifts. There will be some people that will not agree to this, with some people you may know it is not worth asking and with others you may think it is worth a try. Perhaps if they still want to exchange gifts suggest that you keep the amount down, so it is only one gift or a certain budget is stuck to.

Again, this can be difficult as you may fear offending the person but if you explain that you need to save money and were hoping they may help you by agreeing that you do less, it could help. Alternatively, if you have children, you could agree that you just buy gifts for the children and not the adults.


If you are given gifts that you are not keen on, then it can be wise to keep hold of them and regift them to others. Keep them somewhere safe in new condition and make sure you note who gave it to you. Then you will be able to pass them on to someone who will not know that it was a gift from elsewhere and that may appreciate it more than you. This is not you being ungrateful for a thoughtful gift but just not being wasteful and thinking about how someone else will want it more than you will.

Shop in the Sales

If you are buying gifts, then it is wise to be organised, so shop in the sales in order to get the most from your money. If you have a budget, then you will be able to get more if you buy reduced items. Look all through the year so that you can find the very best deals and the perfect items to buy for your loved ones. Just make sure that you note down who you have bought for, so that you do not buy too many items for one person and make sure that you are not tempted to buy extra things nearer to the time that you are giving them.

Cut Down

It is wise to set a budget and stick to it. It is not necessary to buy lots of presents or spend lots of money. Sometimes people will appreciate one really well thought out gift rather than lots of smaller ones. It is not always easy to tell how much you spend on gifts if you choose really carefully and so it can be possible to cut down without anyone even noticing.

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