How to Become a Forex Trader at Home

how to become a forex traderEver wanted to make money on the Forex market in your sweatpants?

Always wanted to get into Forex trading, but felt too intimidated by your lack of experience? Maybe you’re tired of your 9 to 5, and ready to start an exciting new “career?”

It’s not as hard as it seems. With big businesses monopolizing the market, Forex trading can definitely be intimidating- but you don’t have to be a big fish to utilize the marketplace and work from home.

The Forex market is the biggest marketplace in the world. Its daily volume? 5.3 trillion dollars.

Want a slice of that pie? Keep reading to learn how to become a Forex trader from home, and how to earn enough to make it your full-time gig.

How To Become A Forex Trader

What Is Forex Trading?

The Forex market is essentially the estimation of inflation of one currency against another. For example, if you speculate that the value of the US dollar will rise against the Euro, you would buy the currency pair at a low price and then sell it once your prediction comes true.

Boom. Instant profit.

Of course, there’s the potential that you’re wrong, and that’s where risk analysis becomes a very important part of Forex trading. If the Euro rises against the US dollar, your currency pair is weak, and you’ve lost money.

How To Become An Expert

There are a few key skills you need to learn to become a Forex trading expert:

  • risk analysis
  • self control
  • flexibility
  • discipline

Of course, these are just a few things that add up to a great Forex trader- but they’re the most important.

Risk Analysis

This is the cornerstone of Forex trading. If you’re not able to determine the risk you’re taking when determining market trends, how can you decide whether or not your next trade is a good move?

The “bad boy” trader lands himself in hot water way more often than the calculated and conservative trader.

Self Control

It’s just a fact: Forex trading is addictive. When you’ve made a great trade, it’s easy to think you’re on a roll and want to keep going- but don’t.

Remember your risk analysis skills. Controlling the urge to trade without taking necessary steps to analyze risk first can lead to hasty trade decisions and weak currency pairs.


The Forex market is famously volatile. Currency pair measurements, or “pips,” can change as frequently as hourly. This is because currency inflation is so closely linked with political and economic affairs all over the world.

The markets are also open 24 hours a day. The key to successful Forex trading is flexibility of timing. Learn the best times of the day to trade Forex and keep an eye on the volatility of your currency pairs hourly to maximize your profit.


You won’t learn how to become a Forex trader overnight. It takes time, dedication, and, yes, discipline.

Learning the market takes time, and the ability to forecast market trends takes even longer. These skills can pay off in abundant profit, but only if you stay focused on the market and try to learn everything you can along the way.

Now You Know How To Become A Forex Trader

You’re ready to work from home, and want to start Forex trading. Despite these handy tips, the question might still linger: where do I start?

Consider working with a broker. Make sure they’re ASIC regulated, like Rubix FX Forex broker. A broker can help you get connected to the market, and set you up for long-lasting success as a work from home Forex trader.