Productivity Solutions: Feng Shui for the Office

productivity solutions How often do you get distracted while working in your office?

Is it a calm, peaceful, productive environment, or a stressful place that saps your energy?

If it’s the latter, then taking some time to improve the feng shui of your workspace is a smart move. Good feng shui is believed to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve mental health.

Better still, improving your office feng shui is quick, easy and inexpensive, unlike many other productivity solutions.

Ready to rearrange your office and start getting more done?

Let’s do this.

Remove Unwanted Clutter

Is your desk covered in papers you don’t need, post-it notes from weeks ago, and office supplies you never use?

Some clutter can be a good thing, but a desk covered in useless items will only make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Start by removing anything you know you definitely won’t need again, then organize what you do need so that it’s easy to access and won’t distract you. Invest in a desk tidy, add a new in-tray, or use elastic bands to keep things together.

Your desk should be around 50% full since a desk that’s too empty can feel cold, clinical and uninspiring. It’s all about finding balance.

Choose Air Purifying Plants

Air quality is a huge factor in feng shui, but what if you’re in a small office without many windows?

That’s where air purifying plants come in.

Try one of the following easy-to-care-for plants to improve your air quality and bring a little nature into your workspace:

  • Spider plant
  • Peace lily
  • Snake plant
  • Aloe vera
  • Dracaena

Picking a plant you love looking at will help you stay inspired throughout the day.

Position Your Desk Correctly

Desk position is absolutely crucial in achieving the right working environment.

Ideally, your desk should allow you to see anyone who enters or leaves the room and give you a view out of a window.

If there’s no window in your office, don’t worry. A large natural image or piece of art hung where you can see it as you work is the next best thing, and can be changed regularly to refresh the room.

Many private offices are arranged in a way that creates great feng shui at some desks, and terrible feng shui at others.

If you’re looking to improve productivity in a large office, be sure to sit at every single desk and evaluate the room from the angle of the employee who will sit there.

If necessary, use screens or cubicles to section the room in a way that makes it easier to give everyone a well-positioned workstation.

Why Use Feng Shui Instead of Other Productivity Solutions?

Good feng shui is about so much more than simply being more productive – a pleasant office environment will also improve the overall health and well-being of you and your employees.

Happy, healthy staff are more loyal, less likely to take sick days, and will work harder.

Other productivity solutions may increase output in the short term, but can quickly lead to burnout. Good feng shui increases productivity long-term.

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