Feng Shui In Bedrooms

master bedroom full of feng shuiHave you been having a hard time getting to sleep at night? Taking care of various responsibilities can leave us thinking of what we need to do the following day instead of getting rest. To remedy this common issue, westerners have employed a long-standing Chinese tradition in their bedrooms; this is known as feng-shui. This traditional method considers each item in the room, and guides people to creating a more peaceful and tranquil space. Really then, we could all use this in our lives.

The goal of feng-shui is to fill the spaces we acquire rest with positive energies. The other goal is to purge anything that induces stress and negative thoughts or feelings. By placing certain objects in specific locations around a space, you can gain energy easily. Some even say feng-shui can provide you with luck.

One major benefit to this practice is the removal of clutter from our homes. Everyone tends to fill their homes with unnecessary items, and these can make it harder for us to promote rest.

Would you enjoy getting some feng shui into the house? Start with your living space; after all, this is where you begin and end most of your days. However, before you start changing your bedroom, here are the four basics of feng shui principles.

Colors Matter

Our minds are greatly affected by the colors we see on a daily basis. Some colors cause our minds to become more alert, while others calm us. If you are considering colors for your bedroom, aim for cozier colors that are warm, such as earth tones, or brownish reds. If you really want to relax, consider the use of light blues or greens.

Bed Position

The bed is considered the ‘commanding position’ in eastern philosophy. This means it is the focal point of the room. According to feng-shui, the bed should always be placed in a position that allows the door to be seen. This does not mean it needs to be put directly in front of it, however. According to feng shui experts, in order to get the most positive energy flowing throughout your room, the ideal place for your bed is diagonal and opposite of the door.

Closets and Clutter

Clutter in any situation prevents us from getting projects done. It also prevents positive energy from entering our space. Take a look at your bedroom; what is in there that you once used, but is no longer necessary? Resists the urge to simply hide everything underneath your bed; this is not an effective way to rid the air of negative energy.

Disconnect Distractions

Many of us have allowed technology to enter the bedroom in the form of television, tablets, and cellular devices. While they are great for modern convenience and entertainment, they also keep us awake way longer than we need to be. Making your room as tech free as possible will help you get to sleep faster, as well as lessen anxiety.

We all strive for a peaceful sleep that is absent of distractions. These small alterations can pay off in large ways, as they improve your overall sleep, health, and well-being.

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