Google Panda 3.92 Officially Lands – Few Days of Fluctuations Expected

Google PandaEverybody are still waiting for a significant Penguin update, which suppose to rock the search results, but on the meantime Google still has another animalistic algorithm {more stable} under its sleeve. Oh yeah… if you sensed some fluctuations, it’s just our old buddy {or foe}, Google Panda.

Google has just Tweeted that a new Panda data refresh is rolling out which will affect 0.7 percent of search queries, but interestingly enough, there’s also some relatively unusual “warning” attached to the Tweet, notifying there will be more rankings motion on the upcoming days…

It isn’t clear if Google intends to add more signals to the Panda (or alter existing ones) which will assist to identify the quality of websites’ contents (the primary goal of the Panda) and will cause additional shake ups this week. The last time Google had meaningfully stirred the Panda algorithm was in October last year, so we might due for an alteration to a greater extent.

In any case, this Panda data refresh (and possibly algorithm update) arrives like a well-synchronized timer, almost exactly four weeks since the last one (3.9.1), indicating that Google are pretty satisfied in general from it, as Matt Cutts stated last month.

But with all due respect to the Panda, most SEOs are on edge from the anticipation to the next Penguin update. It suppose to be quite huge and there is definitely something in the air- From time to time I’m seeing reports for major temporary ranking deviations on the search results, suggesting that Google conducting some heavy testing.

The question is, when will the testing stop and full Penguin update implementation begin?