Nonchalant Google Panda Data Refresh (3.9.1) On August 20th

Kung Fu Panda Funny FaceIt’s a pretty bizarre world at the Google zoo these days- There are Pandas who visits almost systematically every month or so, and there are Penguins which made a smashing entrance back on April and went conspicuously off the grid after another brief appearance in May.

The Google’s zookeeper Matt Cutts tried to make some order recently, elaborating that while the Panda is already mature and stable enough, the Penguin is acting like typical teenager and will keep on behaving immaturely capricious (like the young prick that he is) in the near future.

In any case, we can at least count on good ol’ uncle Panda that will show up on time:

Yep, a relatively mild Panda data refresh (3.9.1 as numerated in the blogosphere) occurred on Monday, August 20th, which made a few site owners very happy (“Google is so the best!”) or very sad (“Bing is so the… something!”). The previous Panda data refresh (3.9) happened on July 25th, slightly less than a month ago.

Although I wish I could forecast or have some prediction what will happen next in the Google zoo, I don’t really think anybody outside of the zoo management (Google’s “Knowledge” team as they pompously call themselves these days) can do so. All options on the table, no one is safe and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is still a giant douchebag (yeah, I said it!).

Perhaps it will be a new Panda refresh, perhaps a new Penguin update to shake everything up again or perhaps it will be a whole new cruel/charitable animal which will bite/lick you. The only thing that is currently certain is the impending erratic change (and that Matt Cutts won’t date the recently single Kristen Stewart) {and probably neither Robert Pattinson}.