Google Launches Panda Update 3.9 (But Where’s The Penguin?)

Panda and Penguin TogetherIn the summer, things tend to work a bit slower from Google search team side… Whether if it’s because there are more engineers on vacation or because it’s just too hot, things definitely aren’t flowing smoothly as usual… Which leads to dawdling and confusion…!

The result of these current burning perplexing summer days is a few Panda updates in a row, while another animal is no where to be found. Yep, Google Tweeted that they are rolling out another Panda data refresh (3.9 for all you enumerator) as it seems that the Penguin has taken a long holiday.

The last Penguin update occurred on May 26th and since then there were already not one, not two, but three Panda updates (3.7 on June 11th, 3.8 on June 26th and now 3.9) and additionally Google implemented the Panda in Japanese and Korean. The obvious question is… What about the Penguin?

I’m already seeing on SEO forums way too many edgy site owners which were hit by the Penguin few months ago and waiting anxiously for the awaited update that just might draw them out of the enclosing claws of the terrifying Penguin. Some webmasters even begun threatening members of Google’s search team (which is totally pathetic and ridiculous).

So why indeed were they many Panda updates as the Penguin is MIA? I can only speculate that Google might developing a newer evolutionary version of the Penguin during that time, or perhaps Penguin updates will happen less frequent than the Panda (although the first Penguin update suggested otherwise) or maybe someone simply forgot to push the Penguin refresh button…

Another fact that might reinforce the assumption that Google search team is slightly summery slacking, is that they haven’t published their monthly edition of search updates this month for the first time since they started this tradition in November 2011.

This is certainly a hot summer and it appears that Antarctic-animals prefer a much colder weather…