Ewen Chia – From Singapore With (Scam) Love

Ewen Chia and the Devil

Ewen Chia declares that he is an Internet Marketing guru… and in the Internet Marketing industry that’s basically all you need to become a guru!

All this crap of truly proving a unique ability, building a name for yourself based on authentic extraordinary achievements or distinguished education {god forbid} is just too hard… let alone when you don’t have any outstanding ability (or any ability), you never achieved anything in your pathetic life and you’re awfully dumb to study something!

Yay Internet Marketing! The perfect solution for unscrupulous oafish like Ewen Chia!

As many other good scammers’ stories, Ewen’s also begin after he had been defrauded himself by some wretched MLM program of coral calcium powder, like any real expert would! But Ewen learned a valuable lesson in Swindling For Dummies {in Ewen’s case, For Amazingly Concrete Dummies}… and because he’s such a noble and decent human being, he begun endowing this lesson to others!

And so, Ewen Chia’s ongoing journey to trample the thousands of naive souls had been spawned. Hurray!

Ewen’s scamming company… ahhm… “online marketing” company Internet Marketer Pte Ltd is based in Singapore, which makes it more difficult to get caught by the Federal Trade Commission (which is already pretty occupied with these kind of schemes). But I’m sure it wasn’t a consideration for law abiding Chia…

“You are just a hater!” many of you innocent sheep transported to slaughter are probably shrieking right now, “Ewen Chia is a successful Internet Marketer who help people to make money online!” desperate to believe that you didn’t wasted so many recurring payments on this piece of shit conman.

Let’s focus on one of Chia’s fraudulent products to uncover his deceits and lies. Fast Track Cash (fasttrackcash.com) promises you will make real cash “the fastest, easiest and laziest way” but straight from the top (literally) it’s full of bullshit…

Ewen Chia, #1 International Bestselling Author

Wow… number one best-selling author is amazing! But I’m afraid that my eyesight had betrayed me because I couldn’t see any mention to Ewen Chia on any best-selling list… but hey, it must be true, the website says so!

“Discover The Fastest Way To Get Real Cash From The Internet…Even If You’ve No Experience, Website Or Product!” No Matter What You’ve Heard…

You might have heard that you need “something” to make money but real Internet Marketing gurus like Ewen knows that “something” is just another obstacle on your way to perpetual wealth! All you really need to do is to pay Ewen… keep paying him… pay some more… and… profit!

But here’s the best part…

This Is Like “Robbing” A Bank – Legally!

There are more “get rich quick” schemes online than you can count. They’re all designed to rob you, plain and simple.

The Fast Track Cash techniques are different.

If you define “different” as completely the same deceiving rehashed turd as other deceiving frauds, then yes, Fast Track Cash (and Ewen Chia) is “different.”

To legitimatize his shitty products, shitty Ewen Chia glorifies his shitty sales latter pages with shitty testimonials of other shitty Internet Marketers. This is a well known two-sided “social proof” to delude users into the belief that the product actually holds a value. Promote my crap and I’ll promote your crap kind of thing.

But you should hurry and purchase Fast Track Cash TODAY, because tomorrow its price might bounce…

Remember, this is an introductory price. It will not last. I’m going to raise it very soon…

This is kinda funny Ewen, in spite of your manipulating pressure tactic to allure people to buy your lousy, stinky, worthless, deceiving scam ASAP, it seems that the price hasn’t changed at least since May 2010… doesn’t it make you a fucking liar?