One “Google Work at Home” Scam Down, Many Others to Go

Google Dark LogoGoogle keeps the U.S. Federal Trade Commission very busy… from one anti-trust case to another alongside scarily astounding grip over the web search market, the internet company giant is always under the FTC radar… but sometimes, the FTC targets dubious Google brands… which aren’t even related to Google.

The almost-omnipotent strength of Google as an internet brand hasn’t pass over the dark eyes of those who resides on the murky side of society. Those soulless narcissistic parasites who will do ANYTHING to suck and pump from other people’s wallet. From the vulnerable and susceptible. Especially from the vulnerable and susceptible.

Just mentioning the almighty Google name to the ones who are in tender emotional state can make wonders for the scammer, it can provide that necessary little push which will throw the credulous mark from the cliff.

The {false} promise for a much better future accompanied with a conceptually supreme brand can fool the brightest of minds. Victims emerges from all of society’s broad spectrum- Clerks, secretaries, sportsmen, bankers and even lawyers… it doesn’t matter what cape you are wearing because at that moment of weakness you are naked.

But sometimes, too few times, the FTC manage to stop the swindlers that use the Google brand to fleece the naive:

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 93,086 refund checks totaling nearly $2.3 million to consumers who allegedly were charged hidden fees tied to a bogus work-at-home product.

…By deceptively using the name and logo of the Internet search company Google Inc. and falsely promising that consumers could earn $100,000 in six months.

Over 93 thousand checks… $2.3 million… the booty of just one work at home scam (which branched as three separate fraudulent products). Victims have been ensnared in the cobweb of wealth through Google fantasy and unknowingly paid preposterous fees for a worthless product EVERY MONTH.

But justice has been served! The heroic FTC put an end to this work from home con! The ones who took advantage of the Google brand were banned from the virtual world! Refunds for victims! Surely other scammers have learned the lesson and rush to close their own shams! The internet is safe again!

…not really.

Many other Google-related scams still freely operates on the web, lurking for their callow targets with unrealistic promises and deceptive guarantees. Here are few of those scams that have yet to be stopped {for your attention, FTC}: /

Google Traffic Pump Scam

There is simply no possible way someone can promise “massive targeted traffic” from Google in 15 minutes! Not even in 15 days… and with the wretched methods (spamming the web) of this futile product neither in 15 months {or years for that matter}.

Google Panda Sniper Fraud

How can someone claim he can teach you how to overcome the Panda update which targets low-quality websites, with the lowest quality “link building” tactics? In fact, after the roll out of the Penguin update those tactics can only make a serious damage! scam

“Gurus” that promises “to teach” how to make money online only exists in the boring fairy tales the fake-gurus themselves writes and no one reads {and perhaps also in the British Parliament}.

Google Supremacy Scam

For anybody who is just a bit professionally familiar with web search, the pledge to take a website to the first page on Google for competitive terms by using “One Way Link Wheel” is not just scammy but also pretty stupid… but not everybody understands how search works. Scam

Earning the amount of money this program guarantees ($3,500 to $25,000) is very difficult… and nobody can promise this sort of “Lifetime Opportunity…” thus, anybody who does guarantee it with an “error free” package can only mean one thing… that’s right, a scam.