Internet Marketing Faux-Guru Lands at UK Parliament

Grant Shapps SpamIf you are an English person, you should be so proud right now… no, not because of the fantastic Olympics you have hosted… and not because of the Duchess of Cambridge latest fashionable appearance… but because of Grant Shapps! “Who the hell is Grant Shapps?” all you forlorn non-British people probably asks themselves right now…

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with Great Britain’s stormy political state, Grant Shapps is the new Conservative Party co-chairman. But that’s boring. What is actually quite interesting is that the Honourable Shapps is also… {drum roll} an Internet Marketing guru (as everyone never refers him)! And you know how much I love those guys!

From The Guardian:

Going under the name Michael Green and casting himself as an internet marketing guru, Shapps in 2007 claimed audiences could “make $20,000 in 20 days guaranteed or your money back” – if they spent $200 buying his bespoke software.

Hooray! We finally succeeded to squeeze one into the Parliament! Brace yourself Buckingham Palace, you are next!

It turns out that Grant Shapps is the proud founder of HowToCorp (, “The web’s favorite online toolkits.” Now, I don’t know which web exactly does the site is referring to, but HowToCorp’s products are definitely not the internet’s favorite toolkits. Cobweb feels much more right, but that’s just my own totally unsociopath opinion.

HowToCorp site features nearly 20 “favorite” products (for masochists who don’t like their money) which falsely promises all sorts of stupid things like “How To Profit From Your Diary Profits” {Anne Frank riches!}, “Live a happier and less stressed life” {take it from a politician!} and “How To Achieve The Swing In Golf” {without physically holding a Golf club!}.

Let’s focus on “TrafficPaymaster” ( which basically promises to generate shitloads of traffic (and profits) to websites on autopilot. Okey dokey… sounds as real as Quidditch… But hey, if the geeky wizard Harry Potter can do it, so can you! And it’s only $297 for a regular copy or measly $497 for a PRO copy if you really believes in the magic of flying broomsticks.

I know all you skeptics and haters are now jumping frantically and shouting on your computer “no, this is a fucking scam! STAY AWAY!” But don’t you want to find out what is this witchcraft/product all about? After all, Mr. Shapps is now the Brit’s Conservative co-chairman… why would a politician lie?

TrafficSpymaster Scam

The illustration above has been taken from the video on TrafficPaymaster site and it is essentially explaining what the fabulous software is doing. It’s “borrowing” (if you feel uncomfortable with “stealing”) all kinds of web contents like photos, videos and texts from other sites and creating a perfectly logical articles (for snails).

Thinking and creating contents yourself? That’s too much work! Real value? Value is for hard-working pussies! Contributing something actually useful for humans? C’mon, Grant is in politics! For the queen!

The simple truths are that this product is just garbage that spams the web, it won’t deliver what it pledges and whose creators lacks the most basic ethical standards. But perhaps I’m too harsh on co-chair Grant Shapps. Let’s briefly glance at another of his marvelous product, “How To Promote A Product” (

In Just 2.5 Minutes Time You Can Own The 24 Proven Power Keys Guaranteed To Sell Any Product (or service) On The Net!

Maybe we should believe Grant Shapps when he says he can promote anything (regardless how shitty it is), he recently promoted himself to be the UK’s Conservative Party co-chairman.