Twitter Breeding Across the Web with Embeddable Timelines

Twitter King/Ruler/ConquerorTwitter wants to take over the world. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… aspiring for a world domination appears like a pretty excessive objective (today at least). But the social birdie conquistador definitely aims high and the internet seems as a more realistic goal…

So after step one of the grand master plan from the Conquest For Dummies handbook {establish a large and devoted community of disciples} has been successfully executed, the little birdie begins to actualize step two- Breed yourself amongst your peers. Don’t believe in this handbook? Just ask its author how it worked out for his venture…

Following the handbook’s strict guidelines and steps Twitter has begun breeding itself outwards, or in a more web lingo, the micro-blogging platform is now allowing to embed a whole timeline of Tweets into external websites. To be fair, Twitter already enabled embedding single Tweets since last year, but this new possibility convey the impression of a much wider scale.

By granting publishers the option to extract the Twitter platform into their own site, the publisher can benefit an increased and sustainable engagement of users on the website with one of the most favorite social networks in the world. A few lines of installed code can display in real-time the Twitter feed of a @username, a #hashtag or a topic.

Here’s an example of an embeddable timeline of Working Home Guide Twitter account:

Pretty cool, right? This can be a powerful tool for publishers whenever there’s a hot trending topic in real-time, for instance in cases of live events or some breaking news which are being broadly discussed. Instead of users running off wild, publishers can now encapsulate them in one place where they’ll receive frequent updates about the topic.

“How do I create this captivating new feature for my own lame site?” all you zealous bloggers probably ponders… well my ravenously so-called bloggers, the implementation of embeddable timelines is super easy (if you have an IQ of over 70). Just enter the widgets page (when you logged in of course), click on “Create new” and configure your desired timeline. After you’re done, click on the “Create widget” button and copy the code to your site.

<top secret>

Operation “Bird Subduing” Status:

Step One… Completed.
Step Two… In Progress.

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