Google’s June-July Search Updates: Pandas, Quality, Answers and Synonyms

Google Inside SearchGoogle search team didn’t want to live in a lonely dusky cave anymore, so they begun a monthly search updates reporting tradition in the end of 2011 in order to be a bit more transparent. But last month, for inexplicit reason, no report has been published… Back to the dark ages, where we grope our way in the shadows?

“Not quite yet,” says Google metaphorically, “here’s a meager candle for you to navigate your path through our misty lair” as it released a new list of search updates for June and July. Even though the list contains 86 changes and updates, it is still very much blurry and doesn’t really explanatory.

So… Let me try to be you meager candle in these twilight times:


There are five different updates regarding the Panda algorithm on the list. Three of them refers to known data refreshes (3.7, 3.8 and 3.9), another one refers to the implementation of the Panda update in Japanese and Korean and the last one refers to… um… oh… something new…?

GreenLandII. [project codename “Page Quality”] We’ve incorporated new data into the Panda algorithm to better detect high-quality sites and pages.

Yep, the Panda update went through some evolutionary change which its ingredients are concealed to the ones outside of the Google den. I can only assume that perhaps it has something to do with deeper integration of social signals (because links are totally lame).

Quality and Trust

Regardless to all the Panda updates, there are five more high-quality related updates on the list, which appears to be separate algorithms. There’s isn’t any further interpretation for them besides a consistent boring boilerplate of “…more high-quality content from trusted sources.”

Wouldn’t it be cooler if they were saying instead- “We are so more competent right now to detect awesome content from trustworthy dudes with legit street-cred, for realz!” (my own words because Google’s are drowsing to death).


In June-July Google made a whopping amount of no less than 22 changes and updates to project “Answers” in variety of areas such as sports, calculator, weather, day/night times, movie showtimes, currency, flights, unit conversions, finance, local business information and general language detection.

What it means is that Google is more capable to deliver more relevant answers to slightly more complex question-queries like “what is 63 fahrenheit in celsius” or “when the new york mets play” (but no one really asks that because the Mets sucks).


On the list, there are five improvements Google have made to synonyms detection and accuracy. Those updates can actually have a pretty significant impact on specific word connotations comprehension of the engine, or in simpler words for the simpleton, Google can have better understanding of words without relying on the particular query’s keywords.

By the way and just because you’ve asked so imploringly, one of the synonym updates was designated to diminish adult content results when there wasn’t any intention from the user to find that sort of content. (tough break, X-rated industry!)

These were the most important updates I heaped from June-July list, but if you think I left something meaningful behind you are welcome to comment or something (something=forever hold your peace).