Google+: Engagement Up, New Events Feature and Tablets App

Google Plus New LogoHappy birthday Google+, you have just turned one! At Google I/O developers conference, the company decided to celebrate its first real broadly reach social product (even if not at Facebook-proportions) with some stats disclosure about Google+ usage and a few new updates.

Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior VP, shared on the event and on Google Official Blog some interesting new data about Google+ while also presenting the new version of Google+ app for Android tablets and introducing a new feature for the social service called “Events”.

The first interesting piece of information revealed was that most of Google+ users use mobile devices to browse the network. That’s aligns with other social networks data- Facebook disclosed on its IPO documents that mobile users are more than half of the total and Twitter revealed that 60% of its users access the site through mobile devices.

Secondly, Gundotra says that the social networking service now has over 150 million monthly active users and 75 million daily active users. However, it is important to know that Google also appending users from other properties as Google+ users so the real numbers aren’t really clear yet.

But what Gundotra WAS pretty clear about is the users’ engagement level WITHIN Google+ stream. On stage, Gundotra stated that active users spends 12 minutes each day on Google+ stream which makes it (calculating…) 360 minutes per month. I guess it’s not a ghost town anymore…

Google+ Tablet App ScreenshotNew App For Android Tablets (iPad Soon)

After Google presented a beautiful app for smartphones last month, now it is taking this great experience to tablets as well. Currently, the new tablet version is only available for Android (find it on Google Play) but Google promising to release the new tablet app for iPad “soon”.

Just as the new app interface for smartphones, the tablet app is also taking advantage optimally the full size of the screen where it will stretch media contents maximally so the user would benefit from all of the screen’s real estate.

The stream has been also revamped to offer the same full-screen visual effect and the Hangouts feature received a better tablet compatibility to offer “a lean back experience”.

Google+ “Events”

As it has been rumored about a month ago, Google rolled out its “Events” feature into Google+. The feature is designated to provide better social networking supportive landscape for (not surprisingly) events in the real world. “Events” is basically departmentalized to three segments: Before, during and after the event.

  • Google+ Events Tab LogoBefore- Everything from designing the event page, through sending media rich invites and to Google Calender integration for a reminder.
  • During- Once the event’s participants have enabled “party mode” on their mobile device, they can share photos instantly to the event’s page which provides updates in real-time on one place.
  • After- After the event has ended, the page will display all of its highlights in chronological order and users would be also able to browse it by tags or specific users’ uploads.

For more information about the Events feature you can enter its tab on your Google+ account or visit this Events page.