Google Wants You Snitchin’ On Sites Which Using Black-Hat and Spam Tactics

Person SnitchingYou know, in the slammer we have a saying: “Snitches get stitches”. We hate those rats who goes up to the guards and reveals our little dark secrets… When the guards discovers we doin’ some dirt, they throw us to the SHU until we prove again we playin’ by the rules.

But Now, the problem in Googlprison became even worse. Warden Cutts is encouraging the webmaster-inmates to snitch on their fellow black-hat pals and he is suggesting all kinds of public and private ways to do it. But that won’t work ’cause we gangsta’s are loyal, you feel me?


Actually it might just work because webmasters aren’t inmates, there isn’t any prison-code among site owners and nobody really has a problem to tell on other websites which participate in black-hat tactics. Google is still kinda like a traffic-prison where Matt Cutts is the geekiest warden ever.

In a new video, warden Cutts is discussing about what to do if you catch another website using spammy techniques (“doin’ some dirt”) in order to rank higher on the search results, possibly above legitimate white-hat websites.

The first suggestion from Cutts is to fill a spam report through this page which is submitted directly to Google’s anti-spam SWAT search team privately. Through this page you could also find other forms to report any other violations such as paid links, Malware, phishing and copyright issues.

Cutts also have other higher profile suggestion- To report through Google’s Webmaster Help Forum where it will be posted publicly. The advantage of this method is that many people will be exposed and warned from the spammy site while there’s a big chance that Google employees or “super-users” will pass it along to the search team.

The glorious spam warrior Cutts also used the opportunity to warn against taking dubious practices for higher rankings and basically explains that eventually at some point Google will catch them. In fact, it is a pretty solid recommendation because if you want to stay out of jail, don’t participate in tactics you know are wrong, even if they are working today.

Google already shown this week it is even willing to go after agencies which were just associated to link schemes so I wouldn’t advise you to piss Warden Cutts. The SHU in Googlprison can be very lonely…