Microsoft (“Googlighting”) vs. Google (“Best Best Man”) – The Video Battle

Microsoft Googlighting GuySince things began hitting up between Microsoft and Google at the beginning of the month, it looks more and more like two kids fighting in the mud when one side (Microsoft) is always “starting” and the other (Google) is always “gets it back”.

For example, it happened when Microsoft launched a newspaper trashing campaign followed by Google own ad campaign and it additionally happened just a few days ago when the companies besmirched each other over privacy protocols. Recently, this nerdy-conflict has entered the video arena…

This new video battle is centered around the companies competing products, Microsoft Office and Google Docs, and the “battlefield” is (funny enough) on YouTube which is of course Google property.

Microsoft released the first video called “Googlighting”, parody of the 80’s shows “Moonlighting”. It characterizing Google as a smooth arrogant salesman (“Googen Apperson”) that tries to sell his cloud-computing software (Google Docs) to some businesswoman.

The conversation between them is emphasizing the software weaknesses like unreliable active spell check, the necessity for an internet connection and the frequent changes and updates it is going through. In the end of the video, Microsoft has a very clear message: “Don’t trust the Googlighting stranger, ’cause he’s not on your side.”

Here’s Microsoft’s “Googlighting” video:

Couple of days later after Microsoft’s video, Google introduced in its official blog an update of Google Docs app for Android with a video demonstrating the new app in action called “Best Best Man”. The major improvement of the app is a real time document update for all devices connected as an “collaborative editing”.

Even though I doubt if the update itself was a response to Microsoft’s video, maybe “Googlighting” was an incentive to release a video alongside it. In any case, the video is a demonstration how Docs collaborative editing can help in stressful situations. You can see Google’s “Best Best Man” video here:

By the way, while the kids are wallowing in the mud, it is the adult (Apple) that has grown much bigger and now worth more than the two kids combined…