Study: LinkedIn The Most Effective Job Recruiting Social Network

LinkedIn Job SourceLinkedIn always been proud to be the largest professional social network on the web, where just last week they announced they have more than 150 million users. Recently, it received a big reinforcement for this claim as a research found that it is the most effective job recruiting social network.

The study conducted by the recruitment software developer, Bullhorn, and examined its 35,000 recruiters performances (the company is handling 150,000 job orders every month from 35 countries) among the top three most popular social networks- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The findings of this study has proved (once again) that whenever it comes to professional services (such as recruiting) LinkedIn still ruling even though its only about fifth the size of Facebook. Surprisingly enough, even Twitter has better recruiting performances than Facebook…

LinkedIn better productivity reflects in terms of both job views and job applications (actual connection between the job seeker to the recruiter). First, the study is revealing that Twitter drives almost twice as much job views than Facebook, while LinkedIn drives nearly six times more job views than Facebook.

LinkedIn Job Views

Second, in terms of job applications by job seekers the gap grows even wider. Twitter drives almost three times more applications than Facebook, while LinkedIn drives almost nine times more applications! Meaning, posting jobs in both Twitter and certainly LinkedIn proved to be much more effective than the Facebook giant.

LinkedIn Job Applications

More interesting findings from the study: 48% of the recruiters are using only LinkedIn for their efforts compared to 1% that do so exclusively on Facebook or Twitter. The average recruiter in LinkedIn has 616 connection, 151% more than Facebook (245 average connections) and 1,565% (!) more than Twitter (37 average connections).

This isn’t the first research that points out on LinkedIn as a main recruiting platform online. In September 2011, comScore also indicated that LinkedIn is one of the biggest employment sources online as the social network demonstrated to constitute a high rate of job searchers.

Whether you are a recruiter or a seeker, LinkedIn seems to be one of the major places online you should look into. Take that Zuckerberg!