LinkedIn Is One Of The Biggest Employment Sources Online

A week ago i reported about the top employment websites online, but apparently there is another great resource of employment i didn’t mentioned- The business-oriented social network, LinkedIn. According to a post on comScore, it is becoming a significant job resource.

It isn’t a surprise that LinkedIn users are much more “opportunities-seekers” than the average internet user because of the nature of the social network and if we also add to this equation the growing social networking popularity in general and LinkedIn in particular (about 116 million users) we receive one of the greatest job resources on the web.

Job Searchers On LinkedIn

About 23.5% out of all LinkedIn visitors are job searchers of different levels (light, moderate, heavy), compared to 11.2% job searchers out of the total internet- The rate of job seekers on LinkedIn is more than twice as big from the whole web!

LinkedIn Job Searchers

LinkedIn estimated to has about 250 million monthly visitors, so 23.5% (the job searchers) are about 58 million monthly job searchers. This is far away from all top employment websites- More than double from the second in line CareerBuilder (about 24 million monthly visitors).

Engagement Of Job Searchers On LinkedIn

Job searchers on LinkedIn have also a higher level of engagement (by minutes per visitor) than the average internet user- While the average internet user spend about 16.1 minutes on a website, the average job searcher spend on LinkedIn 25.6 minutes per visit, 60% higher!

LinkedIn Users Engagement

If we compare it to the top employment websites, we can see again a big advantage for LinkedIn. However this is pretty questionable stats because it is known that time spent on social networks is greater than in other sites, therefore we can’t know for sure if the time spent each visit by job searchers relates only to job searching or for social networking.

At any case, it seems that LinkedIn managed to brand itself not only as a successful social network, but also as a significant employment resource online.